Court, long, balloon and not only!

These are one of the many trends 2019 that make up the structure of our sleeves for Serrese garments.

Always in step with the new trends, we at Serrese propose the 2019 collection “The Secret Garden” paying attention to the various lines of the sleeves.
Let’s talk first of a great return, the balloon sleeve.
Serrese recreates on one of its garments a light silk balloon sleeve that gives a note of character in more!
Long and short sleeves with “must have” tulle wings from our collection, angelic and graceful on our dresses.
The Serrese wings give elegance and grace to make your great one even more!

In addition, our long lace sleeves on a tulle base are embellished with 3D flowers, a great innovation in the fashion system.Sensuality and sinuosity are in first place!

And what sleeve would you like?