We will tell you about our enchanted world, a special day full of magic and elegance signed by Serrese and beyond!

As in the fairy tale of “Alice in Wonderland” we too have our protagonists who are colored with a romantic allure leaving us daydreaming, and that’s exactly what happened!Our sky-colored princess dress with embroidered cloak in pastel colors was chosen as “change of dress” on the most special day for us women, marriage.

All this accompanied by an installation worthy of being called unique, created by the wedding planner and fashion influencer Maria Chiara Pedone with whom we collaborate for years to make everything even more special. Our wedding planner has set up a real reproduction of Alice’s fairy tale in her enchanted garden, making it exclusive with attention to detail and a lot of passion and dedication for this work.

Maria Chiara never disappoints her brides, as indeed we in Serrese!

Merit also goes to the photographer Barbara Monaco with her amazing shots.

Our look is also the star of the weekly editorial Diva and Donna, to which we are very pleased to participate.

“Lately had happened so many strange things that Alice had begun to believe that there was almost nothing impossible”

Enjoy the reading!