What is most beautiful in knowing how to create is to appreciate and preserve traditions!

Today Serrese talks about the “must have” fabrics of this year and how the traditions are handed down from time to time.Lace, embroidery, tulle and transparencies have always been great protagonists of every season!

Since the earliest times we use these processes and it is thanks to the tradition that the Made in Italy is always in vogue.

Serrese has always maintained its romantic allure, combining Chantilly lace, macramé, precious handmade embroidery to comfortable fabrics such as silk.All this does not stop only at bridal dresses and ceremony that we realize but goes beyond, caressing with these processes, even our beloved custom-made shoes.

Made specifically to fulfill your every wish!

Shoes in unlined lace with handmade coral embroidery, in transparent mesh with swarovski boreal application and many others.

Let yourself be seduced by a creation by Serrese!