A day a “La Magione”


Last Thursday Serrese took part, as a speaker, at the Wedding Planner course organized by our friend, influencer and Wedding Planner Maria Chiara Pedone.   Serrese presented to the students four dresses with different styles: country, princely, siren and finally boho chic! Every woman needs to feel her wedding dress!   Also important is knowing [...]

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EOne of the most ancient and precious activities, fortunately practiced today, our beloved embroidery! The preciousness of the embroidery is given by the accuracy in the execution, in the sought materials and in the harmony of the composition. The “knowing how to embroider” honors our Made in Italy and we at Serrese carry on this [...]


Court, long, balloon and not only!


Court, long, balloon and not only! These are one of the many trends 2019 that make up the structure of our sleeves for Serrese garments. Always in step with the new trends, we at Serrese propose the 2019 collection "The Secret Garden" paying attention to the various lines of the sleeves. Let's talk first of [...]

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Trend and traditions


What is most beautiful in knowing how to create is to appreciate and preserve traditions! Today Serrese talks about the "must have" fabrics of this year and how the traditions are handed down from time to time.Lace, embroidery, tulle and transparencies have always been great protagonists of every season! Since the earliest times we use [...]

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Who’s next Paris


For over 20 years the most incredible appointment for all the protagonists of fashion. An irresistible union between fashion accessories, footwear, pret a porter and much more, all accompanied by a great taste that characterizes this event. Could Serrese not be present? Of course not!It's not our first experience at Who's next but every time [...]

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Serrese in Wonderland


We will tell you about our enchanted world, a special day full of magic and elegance signed by Serrese and beyond! As in the fairy tale of "Alice in Wonderland" we too have our protagonists who are colored with a romantic allure leaving us daydreaming, and that's exactly what happened!Our sky-colored princess dress with embroidered [...]

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A walk with Serrese!


We are finally sharing with you the heart of Serrese, where everything came to life, ours and yours tailored shoes. Personalized shoes are born from the combination of passion, research and design and they melt with the authentic manufacturing Made in Italy, very important for our brand. Peculiar details, comfort and prestigious fabrics.From the 33 [...]

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Come back charleston


Everything takes inspiration from the notorious twenties, from flappers and charleston, an era that marked the beginning of the emancipation of women. During parties and everyday life these years have been characterized by shining dresses, fringes, feathers and shining details. Pointed shoes with embroidery and gold colors to stand out during the events. Serrese takes [...]

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At full Velvet!


A great return for this winter 2018/2019 revisited in a thousand ways, the precious velvet. Dresses, skirts, trousers and suits, everyone wears it but pay attention to how to match it! The velvet detail takes over on shoes, bags and belts, giving femininity and seduction to this season's woman. Serrese embraces this mood by offering [...]

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