Powder leather sandal with glitter gold spider in 10.0 stiletto heel

  • Glitter oro sfumato
  • Glitter silver rilievo
  • Glitter silver sfumato
  • Gold
  • Gros avorio
  • Gros fucsia
  • Gros rosa
  • Laminato
  • Black
  • Nude
  • Oro glitter
  • Ricamo oro
  • Satine
  • Silver glitter
  • Texlux rosa
  • Velluto blue
  • Velluto bordeux
  • Velluto grigio
  • Velluto grigio perlato
  • Vernice rosa
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Monique our sparkling sandal, ready to accompany you on every occasion. The shoe is in 10.0 stiletto heel in powder pink leather and manages to give brightness, elegance and comfort thanks to the glitter “spider”.
Let yourself be conquered by this glamorous sandal!


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